4/5/21: LCPS Pinebrook Elementary Principal and Equity Director Fully Endorse CRT and Equity and Bow to Ibram Kendi

This video for parents is only a month old. LCPS continues to tell everyone that CRT is NOT being taught in LCPS. Everyone from the Superintendent to the Equity Director, LCPS-MSAAC and NAACP are all lying to parents and students. Do not allow them to convince you that you need to be anti-racist because that means that YOU ARE RACIST.

The Principal of Pinebrook Elementary School, Paul Thiessen has GOT TO GO. He has fully adopted Kendi’s racist perspective and beliefs and is going to ensure that all students are indoctrinated and trained to believe as he, Kendi, and the entire crackpot LCPS organization pushing CRT. Get involved, stop this!