4/4/21: Chardonnay Antifa Plots Mission to Ensure .38% (304) of the Loudoun County Public Schools Student Population Has More Rights Than the Remaining 99.62% (80,000)

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2 + 2 = 5, Therefore, .38% is Higher Than 99.62%

Personally, I don’t have anything against transgendered people or students. They are struggling with their identity and I have no doubt it is a very emotional and difficult endeavor, and I hope that they remain safe and stay away from suicidal ideation.

However, while I wish them well, I do not believe that .38% (304) of the student population or their advocates should be deciding the comfort level of the remaining 99.62% (80,000) of the students when it comes to restrooms and locker rooms. This I have a big problem with. There’s not a single person or student that isn’t struggling with something, and I’m willing to bet that some of these struggles, independently, impact more than .38% (304) of the student population. So why are they demanding 80,000 students upend their lives to accommodate them?

For example, Asian students account for approximately 22% (17,600) of the LCPS student population. Many in the Asian community place a higher value on education, more than other ethnic groups, including whites. Denying this fact would be short sighted. For the sake of argument, let’s say that 10% (1,760) of the Asian student population mission is excelling is the hardest education they can so that they can EARN the right to attend Academies of Loudoun or Thomas Jefferson. However, thanks to the woke dummies, LCPS MSAAC and the NAACP, they have made the admission criteria far less stringent and in effect, “dumbing-down” the requirements to get into these higher learning schools. Even using an arbitrary number like 10%, it is still almost 6 times higher than the total and approximate number of transgendered students in LCPS. Where’s the outcry from Chardonnay Antifa’s Jamie Ann Neidig-Wheaton, Ian Serotkin, and his wife?

These people can write the school board all they want, in fact they can write to them twice. Since 8 of the 9 school board members are in their camp, and think/believe as they do, does anyone really think they won’t support and vote the way Chardonnay Antifa wants them to? It’s a foregone conclusion, even I know that. So why are they worried? Why a new campaign to win over the school board? Because “Just note that Mineo’s not racist-racist group is FOIA’ing like mad”. Is that a problem? It’s perfectly legal and above board. This type of comment is one of worry, concern, otherwise why make it at all? Analogous to dim light bulbs or something like that.

Loudoun County Public Schools have become a breeding ground for indoctrination, anti-white education, and hate. Why? Because the LCPS school board is a feckless joke (accept for Beatty), and they take their queues from LCPS-MSAAC, the very same radical group that has called to “Silence the Opposition”. Let’s not forget about Michelle Thomas: President of the NAACP, Pastor of some ministry that preaches the same hate as the NAACP (that’s odd), founder of Loudoun Freedom Center, and the new owner of the Virginia Hemp Project. What do they all have in common (except for the VA Hemp Project, for now)? They are influential in LCPS’s overall educational direction, and in fact, the Loudoun Freedom Center has a $32,000 contract in place with LCPS for field trips to a slave cemetery that was given to her for free AND the field trips are focused on elementary schools with the highest population of black students.

For a collective group of people (School Board (except for Beatty), LCPS_MSAAC, and Michelle Thomas), you would think that out of an Equity Army of (350) people, someone would be able to garner national news defending LCPS, and provide evidence that they are NOT teaching Critical Race Theory. They cannot do it, so what will they do? Try to have me and PACT added to a white supremacist hate group list. We will not stop exposing these evil curmudgeons. They are all liars, thieves, cheats, and only care about two things: money and power, be damned with a good education.

I call BS. If there were 400 cases of racial trauma, the NAACP would have held 500 press conferences

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