3/31/21: Beth Barts, Don’t “Recall” Her, She’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving.

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Loudoun Times Mirror: “Further, last year the Virginia attorney general office’s Human Rights Division at the BEHEST (a persons orders or commands) of the Loudoun County NAACP launched an investigation of LCPS for human rights violations involving discrimination.”

3/31/21, Beth Barts comments on Facebook again (see below). Once again, she does not do herself, LCPS, or LCPS-MSAAC any favors. A few observations below:

  1. Barts: “These are extremely competitive programs to gain admittance to.”
    1. As they should be, so what’s the problem with that? Isn’t making the HS football “extremely competitive”? Maybe we need to consider revising the qualifications to play on HS football teams, it certainly does seem equitable now.
  2. Barts: “As many of you know the Attorney General said there was a “reasonable case” to believe that Loudoun County Public Schools’ administration of its Academies of Loudoun program discriminated against African American and Hispanic students in its admissions process.”
    1. A “reasonable case” is NOT evidentiary. Keep in mind that when the “discrimination” was filed by the NAACP in May 2019, AOL had not even completed their first full school year. In the first year, AOL black student enrollment was 1.9% (LCPS average county wide is 7% black students in all schools). The second year, I believe AOL black student enrollment was 2.9%, and this school year it’s 5% and these kids did it on THEIR OWN MERIT. The goal is for the percentage of black student enrollment at AOL to be inline with or above the county average of 7%
    2. How can a “reasonable case” for discrimination be made without a track record or pattern? How can a “reasonable case” for discrimination be made when AOL didn’t even complete their first year being open? Answer is race hustlers, professional victimizers, NAACP and LCPS_MSAAC.

We have got to get the NAACP OUT of LCPS. Everything to them is racist. Nothing they say amounts to anything. Ask Michelle Thomas to compare Critical Race Theory to LCPS’s “Equity” disaster, heck ask anyone at LCPS or LCPS-MSAAC, betcha they can’t. When you are left standing slack jawed the only salvation is to try and shut the discussion down by calling someone a racist. Race hustlers, LCPS is being dictated to by race hustlers.

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