3/29/21: Please Help PACT’s Continued Fight Against Critical Race Theory

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LCPS-MSAAC “We can and will silence the opposition”.

This is LCPS CRT

This is LCPS CRT impact on parents

Our Story…

Over the past (2) weeks, PACT, family members, friends, lawmakers, teachers and students have been targeted by the LCPS School Board (except for John Beatty), LCPS-MSAAC Committee, and “Chardonnay Antifa” and placed on a “hit-list”. Why? Because we oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT), nothing more and nothing less. They also ran a campaign that targeted PACTS GoFundMe and they were successful it closing it down………But we’re back! While we’ve done an awful lot to expose these radicals, we’re not out of the woods yet. I suspect a radical and black supremacist “civil rights” group is next in line to target us and inflict more damage. Please consider helping PACT to keep up the fight, we need your support!

1. March 12, 2021: A Loudoun County Public School Board Member put out a “Call to Action” to a private Facebook Group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” (ARPLC), also known as “Chardonnay Antifa”.  ARPLC began acting quickly to recruit others to:

  • Setting up funding and volunteers
  • Hack our computers systems, website(s)
  • Wage a mail/email campaign against us 
  • Expose & shame us online and offline
  • Targeting our employers
  • Targeting my family, myself, and my organization P.A.C.T. simply because we are against Critical Race Theory. 

2. March 22, 2021: A Loudoun County School Board Equity Committee member urged current and former Equity Committee members, School Board members, and a former PTA president to report PACT’s GoFundMe campaign. On March 25, our GoFundMe Campaign was shut down. 
3. March 26, 2021: The Loudoun County School Board Equity Committee issued another “Call to Action” on Twitter and Facebook saying that they “can and will silence the opposition”.

How Donations Will Be Utilized:
1.  Legal Representation:  This situation is wide, deep and spans Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun County School Board, Loudoun County Government, a well-known “civil” rights group and other elected officials.  There is also a discrimination case against my kids that is separate from this story (see link below) but will be included as part of the overall litigation
2.  Security:  Increased security vigilance around our home
3.  Second Anti-CRT Website:  The “Chardonnay ANTIFA” will not deter us, we’re doubling down.  We have acquired a second website (under construction) to help fight against Critical Race Theory.  We will not be “silenced”
4.  Marketing:  Pamphlets, flyers, banners, relatable content for individuals to clearly understand CRT, t-shirts & hats for increased awareness about Critical Race Theory and PACT’s efforts to fight it
5.  Recruitment:  Outreach into ethnic communities around the area.  While CRT has white people in the crosshairs, CRT impacts every ethnicity and community, and we want to be sure we share all that we have learned and help others understand
6.  High School Student Involvement: PACT RATS (really angry teen students) are real Loudoun County Public Schools HS students.  Currently, PACT has (5) young and brave LCPS students that are disgusted by all of the Critical Race Theory and Equity indoctrination that is rampant in LCPS. They will be sharing their firsthand experiences of; classroom materials being taught, interaction with other students, their plight to fight back against Critical Race Theory, and the threats they endure for not praying to the CRT and Equity “God’s”.  This will provide a very unique perspective to CRT, one that people rarely hear, if ever.

Help and Share The Message!