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Something seems off here. Zeigler, LCPS School Board members Sheridan and Barts did you have any knowledge? Of course you did, you’re smack dab in the middle!

Below are (6) separate emails (there’s more) that clearly show that the NAACP is involved in LCPS-MSSAC affairs and they should not be. It clearly states in the LCPS-MSAAC Bylaws and Handbook; “The ADVISORY COMMITTEE [MSAAC] shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, and shall not serve as advocates for ANY individual, community group or agency”. Brief description:

  • Email #1: NAACP calls for meeting with John Beatty to discuss “Discipline Disparities”. Why? Why is Brenda Sheridan not issuing this request and why is the NAACP on the email?
  • Email #2: NAACP seeking acknowledgement from LCPS Superintendent Williams regarding the NAACP’s review and comments of the LCPS “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism”. Why? Why wouldn’t LCPS-MSAAC be reviewing and commenting on the LCPS “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism”? Again, why is the NAACP controlling the narrative on LCPS policies and procedures?
  • Email #3: Why is the NAACP engaging Beth Barts and MSAAC and requesting the “current revisions to the Academies admission criteria [AOL]”? Why does the NAACP, Barts, and LCPS-MSAAC need to be “singing from the same sheet of music”?
  • Email #4: NAACP is driving the effort to remove John Beatty from various committees, along with the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, LCPS-MSAAC, and the LCPS’s very own School Board member Brenda Sheridan? What give the NAACP the right to drive internal LCPS disciplinary policies?
  • Email #5: Why is LCPS-MSAAC Vice-Chair, Paulina-Marie Ransom asking the NAACP to act is a point of contact if people want to discuss the VA AG’s final alleged discrimination report involving LCPS? Is this not something that should be addressed by LCPS CIO Wayde Byard and NOT the NAACP?
  • Email #6: Why is LCPS-MSAAC Chair, Keaira Jennings including the NAACP in an email with concerns about a postcard mailing to LCPS parents at the beginning of the school year around the equity training? Why is the LCPS-MSAAC Chair calling for teachers who are adverse to the equity training to no longer be employed by LCPS. Sounds a lot like “silence our opposition” they said on 3/26/21.

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