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PACT proudly announces that “P.A.C.T.-R.A.T.S (really angry teen students)” is coming soon! What the heck is “P.A.C.T.-R.A.T.S (really angry teen students)”? Read below!

LCPS P.A.C.T. R.A.T.S. (really angry teen students) are real Loudoun County Public Schools HS students. These (5) young and brave LCPS students are disgusted by all of the Critical Race Theory and Equity indoctrination that is rampant in LCPS. They will be sharing their firsthand experiences of; classroom materials being taught, interaction with other students, their plight to fight back against Critical Race Theory, and the threats they endure for not praying to the CRT and Equity “God’s”.

What makes this group of brave young guys unique is their courage, observations, and their diversity (in the classic sense). There’s (1) Black Student, (1) White Student, (1) Hispanic Student, and (2) Asian Students.

I wonder how LCPS, MSAAC, and the NAACP will react? Are they going to attack these kids? Will they be “blacklisted”? Will they be told that their Critical Race Theory and Equity Training don’t really exist? Will they now be referred to as “white supremacists” or “adjunct whites” and have their futures destroyed? This is certain to confuse and anger LCPS, MSAAC, and the NAACP. Stay tuned!

**Students identity and school information will not be provided, they will remain guarded and anonymous**

Help and Share The Message!