3/24/21: LCPS “Anti-Racist” Publicized Resources, A Closer Look. You Won’t Be Happy

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Everyone in LCPS, MSAAC, NAACP or any other acronym I left out need to be REMOVED from anything related to education

If you can get past the first (8) minutes of audio below, you’re doing better than me, it’s disgusting and highly offensive. Embrace Race, and this particular audio is RECOMMENDED by the people running LCPS. Every thing they say or do is centered around race. This is nothing but racist, ideological and hateful propaganda. Not teaching CRT? My foot. Everyone of you is lying about what is going on in LCPS and the most insane part is YOU provide the material, and proof that completely contradicts the gross narrative you are trying to paint. I guess I should say thanks, makes my job of outing you a little easier. You know I’m right.

LCPS Recommended Resource: Embrace Race

Talking to Children about Race and Racism: Resources for White Families

For all of you stupid, ignorant racist white people. Just in case you are/were failing as a parent in raising your kids, there’s this great section on the LCPS website called “Talking to Children about Race and Racism: Resources for White Families”. Below is a listing of classic publications every white parent must read (at LCPS, MSAAC and NAACP think so):

Below are the LCPS recommended resources for white people. No equity training or CRT in LCPS, nope:

I’m calling out Oakland Library (see below) because they have lots of great books. Below are only a FEW examples”:

Oakland Library Recommended Books

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