3/18/21: LCPS School Board Member “Sleepy” Leslee King Says “LCPS DOES NOT Teach Critical Race Theory”

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LCPS School Board Member “Sleepy” Leslee King Doubles Down on “LCPS NOT Teaching Critical Race Theory”. She Either Needs to Wake Up or Go Back to Sleep Because She Is Lying Like Her Partner In Crime Beth Barts

Can someone please get “Sleep” Leslee King some No Doze? So what is Leslee saying in her most recent post? She belongs to the FB group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” but only provides an occasional “like”? Sounds like Leslee is confirming what we all know and is removing herself from this group. It might be too late Sleepy but good effort, we’ll see.

The bigger question I have is how in the heck can she claim that “LCPS is not teaching Critical Race Theory”? She thinks is about simply offering advanced learning opportunities or helping those with physical disabilities. Hey Leslee, have you seen the video of LCPS teachers working with the NAACP to undermine you and your soft spot for special ed kids? I think someone needs to take the keyboard away from you as well. Leslee, see below why you aren’t just wrong but openly lying. Clean up in aisle 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! It’s staggering how many LCPS school board members are either dumb, habitual liars or both take your pick.

Ever hear of “Learning for Justice” Leslee? The are a big LCPS Equity Partner

How about The Equity Collaborative consultants Leslee. Ever hear of them? LCPS has spent $450,000 and ANOTHER $430,000 on these people. They are centered around “Critical Race Theory” Leslee.

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