3/18/21: LCPS School Board Corruption and NAACP Collusion Gets Worse

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LCPS has sure picked up some less than flattering attention recently that seems to be wide, far, and deep. At the center of this situation sits Beth Barts and her cadre of Chardonnay ANTIFA soldiers. These Chardonnay ANTIFA soldiers rallied around a woman they loved and were more than willing to go to great lengths to protect her. Right or wrong, they were sticking up for beloved Muppet.

Here’s my question, will John Beatty’s supporters and people who believe in basic right from wrong come to his defense NOW after what appears to MORE corruption involving LCPS, LCPS School Board, NAACP, and the Democratic Party? I’m not a big believer in “coincidences” so you decide whether or not John Beatty was railroaded by the LCPS School Board Chairman, Brenda Sheridan, NAACP, Loudoun County Democratic Committee officers, and other unaffiliated LCPS people. If you agree, spread this message far and wide.

The message highlighted in orange below is from Manning Johnson’s book “Color, Communism and Common Sense”. Manning Johnson was an amazing black man born in 1908 with an amazing story. It sure is remarkable how similar Johnson’s perspective is with John Beatty’s. Is Beatty a “racist”? Not by a long-shot, but these mafiosos are. John is a victim of cancel culture by his LCPS peer, MSAAC and the NAACP.

Beatty Railroad Timeline

  • February 17, 2020: LCSB “Equity Sensitive Training”
  • February 26, 2020: NAACP, MSAAC calling for Beatty to be removed from committees and the board
  • May 5th, 2020: School Board Declines to Discuss Sanctions Requested by Equity Committee
    • Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge) evoked a rarely used parliamentary motion (Roberts Rules of Order) to object to the removal of John Beatty (Catoctin) from serving on the Equity Committee and board’s Discipline Committee.
    • This motion required a two-thirds majority vote to pass and the LCPS School Board 8-1 in favor of Serotkins motion
    • Brenda Sheridan was the ONLY board member to vote no
  • June 1, 2020 (7:30-8:30 pm Zoom call): Loudoun County Democratic Committee, NAACP & Brenda Sheridan
  • June 1, 2020 (10:42 pm email sent): The NAACP Education Exec. Robin Burke sent the email below:
    • Subject: LCPS_School_Board_Policy_2310 (about removing Beatty from committees)
    • To: theresa.quittodickerson@gmail.com; blueloudoun@gmail.com; philliptho@me.com;
    • cforde@thefordegroup.com;bauerdrpi@gmail.com; khub1913@gmail.com; shelley.tamres@gmail.com;
    • ngorehayes@gmail.com; jhannah4163@gmail.com; Brenda Sheridan; president@naacploudoun.org;
    • lissa.savaglio@gmail.com
    • **At least (3) Loudoun County Democrat Officers, at least (4) former and current NAACP members including the NAACP president, (1) former LC treasurer candidate and numerous 3rd party unaffiliated LCPS people**
    • The NAACP rejoices
  • June 2, 2020:  Brenda Sheridan strips Beatty of committees

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Email included people from LCDC, NAACP and several outside non-LCPS affiliated people

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