3/17/21: LCPS School Board “Culturally Responsive Framework” Discussion

Critical Race Theory (CRT) AKA “Equity” AKA Culturally Responsive Framework: It’s ALL THE SAME. The old saying of putting lipstick on a pig comes to mind

The very same day LCPS is “glorified” in the news the LCPS School Board had an “Equity” meeting the same evening, purely coincidental. However, thanks to friends around the community we have (9) short video clips for your enjoyment pleasure. They are not discussing “Critical Race Theory” nor are they denying its existence like Beth Barts did on 3/1/21. However, they are discussing “Culturally Responsive Framework” which is the SAME THING as CRT. This is what they do, when a name or phrase garners too much negative attention, they shift to a new word or phrase which will always mean the same, much like The 1619 Project is now being referred to as “Hard History”. Don’t fall for it, it’s all trickery. Listen closely and read between the lines and you will hear firsthand their devious plans.