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We need more teachers, parents and students to come out swinging like this! This equity movement is killing Loudoun County quicker than Climate Change

Notice this teacher lays into the LCPS School Board about this ridiculous equity push they are doing. Calling ALL teachers, parents, members of the community, we NEED YOU to help!! Also notice, she’s white and did not “plug” any white supremacist groups unlike the “White Guilt Backpack” teacher we posted before who felt it necessary to yell “Black Lives Matter” when she was done spewing her pro union nonsense. Big difference between the two teachers, wouldn’t you say (metaphorically speaking of course)?

When this brave teacher was done reading the school board the riot attack, don’t you know that the “White Guilt Backpack” teacher actually alerted the police because her mask was NOT covering her nose. She’s a teacher (sigh) and the quintessential poster child of a teacher’s union member and a wannabe BLM /MSAAC/NAACP soldier all thrown together .

Help and Share The Message!

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