3/8/21: LCPS Working on “Equity” Math Replacement of Current Math Curriculum? Does This Anger Anyone?

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This is an active demand by the NAACP & MSAAC and a discussion within LCPS: Change LCPS Math Curriculum and Instruction standards to be in line with CRT. LCPS is going to rewrite and BRING DOWN ALL the standards, including GETTING RID OF MIDDLE SCHOOL ALGEBRA

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You know who we can thank for this right? NAACP and MSAAC, they really they are one and the same. I don’t believe all LCPS board members support this but enough do in order for it to pass. Chairman, Brenda Sheridan most certainly does as does Beth Barts. Parents? Does this get you fired up? If not what does? Because LCPS educational system is quickly dissolving. Do NOT allow ANYONE, especially Beth Barts, that LCPS is NOT teaching CRT. We’ve already proved her wrong. Critical Race Theory and this “Equity” education as the EXACT same thing.

The doc below is NOT from LCPS, however, some radical with too much time wrote a paper about “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” that will give you great perspective on what to expect IF you don’t get involved. Underneath this Math is Racist doc is the LCPS School Board Meeting Schedule and “Citizen Participation” link.

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LCPS School Board Meeting Schedule

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