3/7/21: [Webinar] What is CRT and its Impact on Loudoun County Schools

***Our Apologies, Due to An Active Threat Against PACT and the VA Project, This Video is Offline Temporarily. These Fools Will Not Stop Us or Silence Us. In Fact They Are Helping Us Explain CRT***

Webinar 3/3/21: What is Critical Race Theory and its Impact on Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS)

This was our very first webinar on Critical Race Theory and its impact on Loudoun County Public Schools. We will improve as we schedule more webinars. P.A.C.T. and The VA Project hope you will find it helpful!

Welcome to the Program on Un-American Activities. This program covers the various kinds and methods of ideological subversion being used against the United States and the people of Virginia, including such topics as critical theory, critical race theory, queer theory, equity, transgenderism, cancel culture and other forms of Cultural Marxism.



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