3/7/21: [Webinar] What is CRT and its Impact on Loudoun County Schools

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***Our Apologies, Due to An Active Threat Against PACT and the VA Project, This Video is Offline Temporarily. These Fools Will Not Stop Us or Silence Us. In Fact They Are Helping Us Explain CRT***

Webinar 3/3/21: What is Critical Race Theory and its Impact on Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS)

This was our very first webinar on Critical Race Theory and its impact on Loudoun County Public Schools. We will improve as we schedule more webinars. P.A.C.T. and The VA Project hope you will find it helpful!

Welcome to the Program on Un-American Activities. This program covers the various kinds and methods of ideological subversion being used against the United States and the people of Virginia, including such topics as critical theory, critical race theory, queer theory, equity, transgenderism, cancel culture and other forms of Cultural Marxism.


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  1. This goes beyond something even George Orwell could have dreamed up.

  2. I’m a college professor. I’ve been watching these ideological fanatics promulgating this dangerous nonsense for decades. It is just astonishing to see them actually succeed. Long ago most sensible people dismissed them as Ivory Tower radicals, but they dumbed down their theories and managed to find lots of people to brainwash in education programs, ethnic studies, the humanities, law, and of course human resources departments. BLM and similar groups, encouraged by both woke capital and, well, most of the Democratic Party, have also done tremendous damage to people’s brains, leading the way for this onslaught of idiocy. You have the right idea and your suggested resources are good. Everybody needs to learn what these people believe and what their goals are. One of their main objectives is to turn children against their families to break down the very fabric of society. This is why K-12 education matters so much to them and is the battleground where they must be stopped.

  3. Supporting those who are fighting against the cult like behavior of CRT groups. I’m just shocked that this behavior is encouraged by taxpayer funded school officials. We all must fight this racism & division. History has shown that division of races is dangerous.

  4. Congrats, you guys are doing great work. There are a lot of Americans behind you, keeep the faith!! Children are the future, American children should be american and not communists, separate races only end in suppression, together we need to grow!!

  5. Gotta love how dumb these CRT people are. In addition to not knowing history they also seem totally unfamiliar with the law.

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