Monthly Archives: March 2021

3/4/21: LCPS’s Very OWn Beth Barts Should Just Stop Talking

LCPS’S VERY OWN BETH BARTS SHOULD JUST STOP TALKING! SHE IS NOT DOING HERSELF OR LCPS ANY FAVORS. SECOND THOUGHT, KEEP HER ON THE BOARD! How can an LCPS school board member actually say “LCPS is not teaching CRT” when the proof is EVERYWHERE. Just a suggestion Beth, don’t seek any office higher than school board. P.A.C.T. just received a

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3/4/21: See What Replaced Dr. Seuss, Courtesy of LCPS and Learning for Justice

Learning for Justice is who LCPS is also taking order from. Below are some of the great books being offered in place of Dr. Seuss By now, the world knows LCPS is weeding out that racist Dr. Seuss. BUT, what are they replacing the racist Liberal’s trashy kids book with? LCPS and Learning for Tolerance bring you the following best

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