3/1/21: Loudoun County Public Schools – To Hell With Women’s History Month, We Gots Equity Month Instead

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Women’s History Month Has Been In Place Since 1978 but No More! Loudoun County Schools Replaces with “Equity Month”

First LCPS cancels Dr. Seuss and now they cancel Women’s History Month in favor of “Equity Month”. It is darn near impossible to predict the next dumbest decision Loudoun County Public Schools will make, or told what dumb decision to make. I cannot wait to hear how Women’s History Month is racist OR a white supremacist concept OR oppressive. If I were to bet, Women’s History Month is not inclusive enough and is discriminatory of those trying to figure out if they should stand or sit when they pee. Another example of Critical Race Theory at its finest in Loudoun County Public Schools.


Equity in education is a significant challenge nationwide.  School board members, superintendents, teachers and families can play a critical role in creating a climate and curriculum where all students receive the resources they need so they graduate prepared for success after high school. 

This is why the Loudoun County School Board joined the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) in observing Equity in Education Month during March.

According to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), educational equity is achieved when we can when we eliminate the predictability of student outcomes based on race, gender, zip code, ability, socioeconomic status or languages spoken at home.

The Loudoun County School Board adopted a proclamation recognizing Equity in Education Month at its February 23 meeting. The proclamation reads:

PROCLAMATION: March as Virginia School Boards Association Equity in Education Month

WHEREAS, inequities in schools have become an increasingly significant challenge in the United States and Virginia; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that factors including, but not limited to, ability, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status have a demonstrated history of impacting the educational opportunities provided to a student; and

WHEREAS, the promise of public education is for every child to be successful in school and life; and

WHEREAS, it is important for Loudoun County Public School families, students, teachers, and school administrators to be aware of the diverse needs of learners, and to encourage discussion of the challenges as a school community; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia School Board Association has established a Task Force on Students and Schools in Challenging Environments to make recommendations and to stay at the forefront of discussions on equity in Virginia schools; and

WHEREAS, the Loudoun County School Board has established an Equity Committee, composed of various internal and community-based stakeholder groups, and charged with making recommendations for policies to support the creation of a culturally relevant, competent, and responsive school system; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that inequities in resources, including educational settings, supplies, technology, and building, impedes student learning;

WHEREAS, in addition to ensuring an identity-affirming and culturally responsive learning space for every student and employee, Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to decreasing disparities and opportunity gaps, and interrupting the status quo for the development of a stronger equity imprint throughout the school division; and

WHEREAS, a diverse, inclusive, equitable, socially-just, and anti-racist teaching and learning community is a priority in Loudoun County Public Schools,

Now, THEREFORE, Be it Resolved, the Loudoun County Public Schools recognizes the month of March as Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA)  Equity in Education Month, with the intention that educational equity, stronger equitable practices, and access and opportunity become an integral part of the local day-to-day dialogue with the goal of equitable change in LCPS communities and classrooms.

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