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3/1/21: Can You Find All 17 Instances Of Racism On This Page From A Dr. Seuss Book?

Just a little fun at the LCPS’s expense by Babylonbee Racism is everywhere.  But nowhere is racism more blatant than in the books of well-known racist Dr. Seuss. His pages were literally dripping with racism, or maybe that was just the barbecue sauce for our chicken nuggies. Even so, barbecue sauce might be racist too, now that we think of it. Take

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3/1/21: P.A.C.T. Cause Global Media MeltDown, Loudoun County Schools Cancelling Dr. Seuss!! 50+ News Articles, Countless News TV & YouTube

P.A.C.T.’s Dr. Seuss Post on 2/25/21 global media meltdown! More than 50+ global news stories, TV, CPAC! Thank you to Daily Wire’s Chrissy Clark! Loudoun County Schools cancel Dr. Seuss for ‘racial undertones’ – Washington Times Educators Organization Calls For Dr. Seuss’ Books to be Canceled for ‘Anti-Blackness, White Supremacy’ – OutKick Oh The Places The Woke Will Go: Dr.

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3/1/21: Biden erases Dr. Seuss from ‘Read Across America’ proclamation as progressives seek to cancel beloved author

PACT BROKE ORIGINAL STORY LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOLS CANCELLING DR.SEUSS, NOW BIDEN ERASES DR. SEUSS!!! LCPS BOARD YOUR LEADER CONFIRMS! President Biden appears to have erased Dr. Seuss from “Read Across America Day”, the annual celebration of reading in honor of the legendary children’s author, whose birthday falls on March 2. While Biden followed presidential tradition in proclaiming Tuesday “Read Across

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