2/23/21: New “Cancel” Targets of Critical Race Theory and Equity Army’s

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With Dr. Seuss on the chopping block, the “Woke” has set their sights on other offensive white supremacist creations

Ronald McDonald: Refuses to change his colors to honor the LGBTQRST Rainbow flag of Colors
Frosty: “Triggered” the Woke by being made with white snow that also resembles White Supremacists. Additionally, the corn pipe is a reminder of how white people persecuted Indigenous and stole their land
Foghorn Leghorn: Offensive language for constantly saying “I say, I say hey boy”
Anyone With the Last Name: White
Bigfoot: Full body hair is culturally insensitive towards the transgendered Woke
Casper: “Triggered” the Woke with his apparel that reminds them of White Supremacists
Coke Polar Bear: Unable to be less white
Whiteboard: Causes “microaggressions” for obvious reasons
Oreos: Derogatory cookie that offends the mixed race Woke
Rudolph: Makes people feel inferior because they don’t have a shiny red nose
White Water: Creates an obvious fear of being surrounded by white supremacists that want to waterboard the oppressed

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