2/22/21: Proof LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC CRT/Equity Initiative Is a Big Sham

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LCPS’s Own Data Shows That the NAACP and MSAAC Are Lying, Misleading and Scamming LCPS Parents, Students and Tax Payers

This whole Critical Race Theory and Equity initiative has been lingering in LCPS for years, however, in early 2019 is when it picked up steam, for a variety of reasons. In April 2019, Superintendent Williams presented the “Annual Presentation to MSAAC”. This presentation is a big part of LCPS’s CRT/Equity initiative and the basis of the arguments that the NAACP, MSAAC and the School Board stand by. However, the data points in the presentation are at complete odds with the narrative they all have been providing and it’s all their data not mine.

This post is focused on (2) primary and key areas: Subject Level Proficiency and Suspension Rates/Trends. The “Annual Presentation to MSAAC” can be found embedded below or clicking the link.

Video Walk Through

Subject Level Proficiency Benchmarking


  • Question: If the highest proficiency subject for black students is Social Science (84.25% average between 2014-2018) And Math is the lowest (71.75% average between 2014-2018), a 12.5% difference, then why in 2019 did LCPS enter into a financial/contractual agreement with Loudoun Freedom Center, to improve Social Science curriculum and not Math (page 17 in embedded doc below)?
  • Answer:  Social Science is the gateway subject to instill CRT and Equity not math:  “Initiating reexamination of all curriculum to remove instances of potential bias or insensitivity” (page 17 in embedded doc below) AND for LFC to make an easy $50k.   
  • Why sell consulting services to improve black students best subject and completely ignore their worst?  To further CRT & Equity is the answer.
  • Did black students have lower enrollment in AOL and gifted programs because of lower scores in Math and Reading like the benchmarking profile demonstrates OR because of white supremacy?
  • Are above average proficiency scores in Reading and Math ideal or a requirement for admission to AOL and gifted programs? If the answer is “Yes”, then why focus on Social Sciences?
  • Are there any benchmarking charts that can demonstrate/prove lower admission to AOL and gifted programs for black students was due to white supremacy, discrimination or inequity, similar to the Math and Reading benchmarking charts OR are we expected to just believe what the NAACP and MSAAC espouses that LCPS has a white supremacist agenda to oppress all black students?

Suspension Rates and Trends


  • What were the incidents about that required suspension? Maybe the suspension was justified? Are these suspension numbers based on individual/unique students OR do they include students that were suspended multiple times, therefore inflating the suspension rate?
  • This is the EXACT same deceptive modeling that is used when the subject of blacks being killed by cops is brought up. They refuse to provide the facts and only include the highest number they can extract to give the appearance of a “systemic” problem. I guess this is why they consider data to be racist, it tells the truth they desperately try to hide
  • 2017/2018 School Year, White Students (43% Student Population): 36,000 x .88% (Suspension Rate) = 317 White Students Suspended
  • 2017/2018 School Year, Black Students (7% Student Population): 6,000 x  1.99% (Suspension Rate) = 120 Black Students Suspended
  • 2017/2018 School Year, Hispanic Students (18% Student Population): 15,000 x  1.82% (Suspension Rate) = 273 Hispanic Students Suspended
  • **White students suspended 264% higher than Black students**
  • **White students suspended  44% higher than Hispanic students**
  • **White students suspended 20% lower than Hispanic and Black students combined**

“Annual Presentation to MSAAC”

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