Monthly Archives: February 2021

2/22/21: Repost from 10/21/20, MSAAC, NAACP LCPS Meeting

MSAAC – NAACP – LCPS “TOWN HALL”, MSAAC CONTROLS LCPS POLICY 10/21/2020: After watching this MSAAC “Town Hall” tonight (YouTube video below), it was made very clear that Loudoun County Public Schools is NOT in control of our kids educational pathway now or in the future. MSAAC and the NAACP are driving this bus and Eric Williams is just a

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2/22/21: Proof LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC CRT/Equity Initiative Is a Big Sham

LCPS’s Own Data Shows That the NAACP and MSAAC Are Lying, Misleading and Scamming LCPS Parents, Students and Tax Payers This whole Critical Race Theory and Equity initiative has been lingering in LCPS for years, however, in early 2019 is when it picked up steam, for a variety of reasons. In April 2019, Superintendent Williams presented the “Annual Presentation to

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