2/17/21: White Supremacy In Education by Teaching Tolerance, A LCPS Equity Partner

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Is anyone sick and tired of this White Supremacist narrative yet? Every minute, hour, day, and week, it’s all about “White Supremacy”. It’s apparently so bad that the ENTIRE US military has been told to stand down for (60) days so that they could find them and kick them out of the military. It’s so bad that they had to create a White Supremacist Task Force to identify these people. We have the best military and intelligence in the world and they have no idea what they’re looking for? Please. Below are a few highlights from the latest addition of the Teaching Tolerance MAGAzine, Spring 2021:

  • Page (1): Our new streaming classroom film, Bibi, tells the story of Ben, a gay Latinx man
  • Page (7): Ibram X. Kendi and Annette Gordon-Reed, our Teaching “Hard History” (aka 1619 Project) Key Concept Videos examine slavery’s impact on the lives of enslaved people in what is now the United States
  • Page (10): Anti-Racist Work in Schools: Are You in it for the Long Haul?
  • Page (12): Stop Talking in Code: Call Them Black Boys (this confuses me as I thought “black boy” was racist)
  • Page (15): Unpacking the Social Justice Standards
  • Page (19): Challenging White Supremacy in Curriculum
  • Page (23): Ethnic studies is supposed to help us challenge white supremacy in our curriculum, not aid it
  • Page (24): We can’t stop white supremacy in schools until we stop it in teacher preparation programs
  • Page (29): What it means to be an Anti-Racist Teacher
  • ***You get the idea. This is ALL rubbish, racist and incendiary material made available exclusively for teachers, students and parents. White teachers appear to be the root cause of this pandemic called White Supremacy”***

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