Monthly Archives: February 2021

2/4/21: WTF, BLM Week In Schools Across The Country (**warning this post contains disturbing images**)

Black Supremacist Group BLM Gets Their Own Honorary Week and It’s Being Taught In Schools (WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS DISTURBING IMAGES) P.A.C.T. is not glorifying BLM by displaying these disgusting images below, and this is only a drop in the bucket. We think it’s important for people to be reminded and reminded again of what is happening to our society

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2/4/21: New! Tracker for Critical Race Theory Training in Higher Edu.

200+ Colleges and Universities with Critical Race Training on Campus is a resource for parents and students concerned about how Critical Race Theory, and implementation of Critical Race Training, impacts education. We have compiled the most comprehensive database to empower parents and students. We have researched and documented Critical Race Training in over 200 colleges and universities in the

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