2/3/21: LCPS Students Distance Learning (10) Months….Do You Know Where Your NAACP, MSAAC or Equity Committee Members Are?

EQUITY! EQUITY! EQUITY! Where Are All of the Equity Warriors Fighting to Educate ALL Kids?

Isn’t it odd that the NAACP, MSAAC and the Equity Committee have turned LCPS’s educational system upside down, Equityboarded all of us with Critical Race Theory nonsense, and yet they are no where to be found when it comes to addressing the LCPS School Board to get our kids back in school? There have been countless school board meetings, thousands of students and parents pleading, crying, and demanding that ALL of our kids need to get back into the classrooms to learn. All of our students education has suffered greatly this year because of the tone-deaf school board and the hapless superintendent(s) biding time, but for what? I believe there are (3) primary reasons:

  1. LEA: Last night an LEA person made the point of saying “Virginia doesn’t have unions”. Technically she’s right, but probably not for long. However, this same person is also being very disingenuous because LEA is actually a branch of the notorious radical teachers union NEA (National Education Association). In fact, a portion of LEA dues, paid by LCPS employee members, get funneled to the NEA. If Virginia allows for unionization in the state, the NEA will already be well positioned
  2. NAACP/MSAAC: Ever since COVID came onto the scene, it has been determined to be, yes, racist because it apparently impacts “black and brown” people the most. Now, either COVID is the most technically advanced virus, that has the capability to deliberately “seek out and destroy” “black and brown” people, therefore making it the most racist disease known to man. I’ve looked at all kinds of data and so much of it conflicts with this narrative, however, you can also find data that supports this narrative. Personally, I’m not going to accept anything race hustlers tell me without confirming or disproving on my own. After all, these are the same people that are telling the world that America is completely racist and run by white supremacists, they have zero credibility.
  3. Critical Race Theory (CRT): CRT is such a radical ideology that it has to be implemented in the dark of night (metaphorically and literally). The LCPS CIO, Wayde Byard has flat out lied about its existence and lied about the existence of their new “Student Equity Ambassador Club”. We also have Stone Bridge HS Principal, Tim Flynn, telling parents that CRT is not in his school AND Trailside Middle School Principal, Bridgette Beichler, actually telling a parent that she is not familiar with what critical race theory is. So from top to bottom and left to right, people are lying and being deceptive about and educational concept that is supposed to be so wonderful. Any sound minded person would have to think that something’s not right.

Let’s be clear, NAACP, MSAAC, LEA are joined at the hip. If the NAACP and MSAAC even thought there was an opportunity, no matter how small it might be, to turn the situation with our kids getting back in school into some BS racial/white supremacist production, they would have done so a long time ago. So where are they now? Concocting the next anti-white dramatization which the Loudoun Times Mirror and LoudounNow would run endless stories on? Things aren’t always as they appear.


  • Thank you for your posts, I read them and they help me stay informed. I’m very concerned about our schools on so many fronts. When the schools finally do reopen, I’m worried I won’t even be able to send my kids back because I will not let them be subjected to abusive mask and social distancing mandates. CRT also enrages me, I had no idea about it until Jan 2020 when my first grader came home and asked me if she was born ‘a bad person’ because her skin is white. This is the insane world we are living in! Also, I missed last night’s meeting, I didn’t know it was happening… Is there a recording of it anywhere, I can’t seem to find it. Thank you.

    • Hey Amanda!

      First let me say thank you! There are days when I think “what’s the point” when you consider the world we live in now. However, knowing that I’m reaching people like you and that find the information helpful makes it worthwhile! My kids are older and well versed in this ideology BUT when I hear a story like your’s, first grader coming home and asking if she was a bad person is infuriating and completely unnecessary. If I can help in some way or if there are some things you want to know that I may not have posted, please let me know. Thanks again Amanda!

      Try this link to access video and transcripts of meeting: https://go.boarddocs.com/vsba/loudoun/Board.nsf/Public

      • Thank you for the link! Good to see more parents speaking out, though I’m really worried about what is in store for us. I frankly don’t recognize my country anymore, as a mother and an Iraq war veteran, it is very disheartening sometimes, as you mentioned….I depend on people like you, thank you for spending the time to get the word out.

  • Thank you for your service Amanda! I’m sure all that’s going on has you beside yourself, like many. For years, I’ve always been told how important local elections are. I paid attention but can honestly say that election activity at the federal level consumed more of my attention. I regret this but have learned my lesson. Elections at the state and local level couldn’t be more important than they are now. As we know, there is a VA Guv, Lt. Guv and AG election this year. Next year in Jennifer Wexton and in 2023 the Loudoun County board and School board elections. I’m working with several others on being more tactical and deliberate in all of these up coming elections. We cannot afford to wait 3-6 months out from any of these elections to let the community know why everyone of them needs to go. We have a lot of material now and will continue to collect more.

    Right now, this very minute we’re all to say F it, what’s the point. I was there a few weeks ago and it still creeps into my head from time to time. I determined that the point of all of this, win or lose, was for my kids and their friends. I constantly engage with them about all of this political garbage so that they understand what is right, wrong and unknown. Having principled, aware and knowledgable kids is our future, not so much what LCPS is trying to teach them.

    Whether people like Trump or hate him, an honest person would agree that Trump is the quintessential example of determination and not giving up, no matter what, win or lose, the best underdog story in American history. From the moment Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 election, I’ve told my kids and myself that Trump is the best example why you shouldn’t quit. Let me know if you would have any interest in hearing more about what we’re trying to do.

    • I completely agree…in all of this chaos, it is incredible to see the moments when the strength of the human spirit comes through, I think Trump embodied that strength and it really is inspirational. I know that my kids and their friends don’t buy the mainstream narrative about Trump and everything else that is going on, it gives me hope for the future. Even my 7 year old’s friends say things that make me realize that they are watching and will make up their own minds. I would like to hear more about what you all are working on! Thanks so much:)

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