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Don’t Let The LEA Fool You, They Are A Full Fledged Union Without Being “Officially” Declared A Union In The State Of Virginia

Much like everything in the LCPS, the LEA is just as deceptive and sneaky. At the present time, the State of Virginia is a “right to work” state and one of the benefits is Virginia doesn’t “officially” have any unions. So when the LEA says, as they did last night during the board meeting “LEA is not a union”, that’s technically true. However, just like LCPS, School Board, MSAAC, LCBS and the NAACP, they word-smith who they are as not to give the appearance of what they are. But due a little digging and you’ll find the truth.

When LEA members pay their monthly dues, a certain percentage of that currently goes to the NEA. As you can see by the (3) examples below, the LEA is entrenched with the NEA, and yet they deny it.

Anyone have any documented horror stories involving the LEA? Let us know and we’ll start to call them out as well ( Make no mistake, the LEA union is in bed with the NAACP and MSAAC, and want nothing more than continue Equityboarding all of our students, teachers and parents

Member Resources (3 of 5 Member Resources are for the NEA):

Social Justice:

  • LEA Board Liaison:  Tracie Lane, Librarian, Cardinal Ridge ES
  • Purpose
  • To inform LEA Board Members, take on special projects, amplify your groups voice, research NEA/VEA opportunities for training and workshops, connect LEA to the like-minded community members.
  • Hosts regular meetings to discuss issues and solutions

Benefits of Membership
Among the benefits of being a VEA-Retired member:

  • Staying connected with fellow NEA members and programs
  • Opportunities to share your expertise by volunteering and mentoring
  • Supporting political and legislative efforts to protect your retirement resources
  • Excellent, cost-saving programs such as Medicare supplement insurance and our long- term care insurance program
  • Continuing subscriptions to The Virginia Journal of Education, the VEA’s retiree newsletter, VEA-R Connections, and the NEA’s retiree  magazine, This Active Life
  • A variety of other money-saving member benefits, such as insurance programs, credit programs, loan and mortgage programs, deposit savings accounts, and investment programs

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