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“CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT THAT IS CAPABLE OF HOLDING STAFF MEMBERS IN A PLACE WHERE THEY ARE UNCOMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO CHANGE“ “Equityboarding” (new word created by P.A.C.T.) is a form of torture in which the CRT ideology is forced onto a teacher and student. LCPS’s equity consulting partner, The Equity Collaborative believes that “Tackling bias and oppression requires solutions beyond the

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2/1/21: (10) ways to fight back against The Moronic woke culture

You Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else. Don’t Let the Words of the “Woke” Change Who You Are, Reject It With Vigor It’s time to stand up and fight back. That means you. Social conservatives. Never-Trump Republicans, and anti-anti-Trump Republicans, too. Lukewarm liberals and libertarians. Progressives who have a little curiosity still left. Exhausted parents who want nothing to do

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