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1/29/21: Have The Notorious Loudoun County “White Supremacists”, the LCPS Board Declared, Been Identified and Hideout Located?

May 26, 2020 LCPS put out an Equity Statement with an APB (all points bulletin) to be on the lookout for “White Supremacists”, it’s a mass infestation in Loudoun County and it needs to be “disrupted & dismantled”. P.A.C.T. has received some information this evening from White Watchers correspondents Zeke and Gus about the possible identities and hideout location for

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1/29/21: [Drum Roll] The 2021 LCPS Equity Committee Members & Nominees Are

Which of the LCPS Equity Committee Members & Nominees Believe Loudoun County is THE Top White Supremacist County in Virginia??? It’s that time of the year again, wait it might be the first time, whatever, the 2021 LCPS Equity Committee Members and Nominees have been announced! LCPS’s “White Supremacy” problem is sooooo bad that when all said and done, there

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1/29/21: If Parents Don’t Advocate & Protect Their Kids, of All Colors, Who Will? Stop NAACP and MSAAC From Dictating LCPS Education

NAACP and MSSAC Have Long Insisted Loudoun County is Entrenched and Overrun With White Supremacy and That 44% of the Students in LCPS Are Also White Supremacists **To the haters, save it. Calling us racist OR white supremacists has become meaningless. We know who we are, we know what we want for all students, regardless of ethnicity. You may try

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