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1/28/21: Why Is LCPS Pushing a Political Agenda Onto Our Students????

LCPS and “Equity” Partner, Racial Equity Tools Wasting No Time Pushing Progressive Politics, Trump is a “White Supremacist” Anti-White Politics Onto Students Who in the hell does LCPS, LCBS, NAACP and MSAAC think they are? Aren’t schools supposed to be “neutral” when it comes to politics and not “neutering? This is the very definition of “indoctrination”. Parents, regardless of your

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1/28/21: Loudoun County Schools Partner Racial Equity Tools New “Transforming White Privilege” Resources for January 2021

LCPS Core Educational Curriculum: Violent White Supremacy, White Privilege, White Power and Whiteness (102) New Resources With Focus on White People How Textbooks Taught White Supremacy The Promise: A Lesson in White Privilege White Women Doing White Supremacy in Nonprofit Culture The Call-to-Whiteness: The Rise of the New White Nationalism and Inadequate Establishment Whiteness Response The Modern White Power Movement

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