P.A.C.T. Now Working With Chris Rufo’s “Stop Critical Race Theory” Legal Coalition Initiative!

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P.A.C.T. is very thrilled to announce that we will be working with Chris Rufo to help support and drive his newly launched “Stop Critical Race Theory” Legal Coalition! Critical Race Theory (CRT) can be a complicated and confusing ideology to understand let alone fight. There is nothing below that is etched in stone, more of a guide for the moment. Personally, I believe there are (3) layers to fighting CRT:

Layer #1: Identifying, Understanding, Exposing and Connecting the Dots:

  • Identify: Before any anti-CRT group can be established, it’s important to be able identify and understand how prevalent CRT is in your schools and community. Ok great, how? Look for CRT related words, phrases, educational lessons, etc. The word “equity” is the number one word to look for. The first time you see it, I can promise you that you will see it everywhere. However, don’t be fooled by how innocent and friendly it sounds. In no time you’ll start seeing phrases like “implicit bias” OR “unconscious bias” OR “systemic racism” OR “white privilege” and on and on.
  • Understand: Search like a mad crazy person on your school or county’s website using these newly discovered words. Unfortunately, this is time consuming and is tantamount to pulling the thread on a sweater. The more you find, the more you research the more uncomfortable and bitter you’ll become. Use that bitterness to help with the next step.
  • Expose: This step may make some people uncomfortable but it is necessary. It is important to understand who is behind this CRT initiative, what they’ve supported, how they’ve change educational materials and what outside influences there may be. For example, in Loudoun County, VA, our school board is feckless, useless and all (9) of them have fully supported CRT in our schools. Loudoun County actually has and adjunct school board called MSAAC (Minority Students Academic Advisory Committee) and an outside heavy influencer, NAACP. Combined, these two groups, in reality are making the decisions for Loudoun County Public Schools. One would think it’s the school board, however, in Loudoun’s case, they simply act as a rubber stamping board that is petrified to push back.
  • Connect the Dots: Once you’ve gone through these steps you can now begin to “connect the dots” of how all of this CRT nonsense has made its way into your school and/or community. Once you have this framework in part or whole, create a website and a group name and let the world know what’s going on. Once established, it makes it easier to move onto “Layer #2 and #3”.

Layer #2: Commiserate, Organize, Grow Thick Skin, and Take Action:

  • Commiserate: One thing is for certain, the more you learn about CRT the more you will shake your head back and forth, invent new curse words and feel like you were sucker punched (probably because you were). Your eyes will become as big as saucers when you start to notice how invasive CRT has been….everywhere. With Biden playing president, he already has not made this fight easier, it’s only going to get harder. The day he was inaugurated (1/20/21) I was on the verge of packing it in, dissolving P.A.C.T. Why should I continue to fight CRT, after all the outlook looks bleak. My kids, other kids and our country is why I’m sticking with it.
  • Organize: Identify where you need help from other parents or members of the community. This often includes but is not limited to: Website content updates, writing FOIA’s, speaking at school board and county board meetings, networking with other parents, people and groups. In fact, as part of the “Stop Critical Race Theory” Legal Coalition! efforts, there is a new national organization called FAIR (Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism ) https://www.fairforall.org. P.A.C.T. is also in a partnership with FAIR. FAIR (Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism) is a non-partisan organization that exists to advance civil rights and liberties for all, a shared culture of fairness, understanding and humanity, and a society where all people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Think of FAIR as the next step in getting organized, guidance and networking with others that share your disdain for CRT.
  • Grow Thick Skin: It is extremely to remember that disagreeing with CRT you are literally deemed a racist. Race doesn’t matter, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. if you don’t believe as CRT advocates do you are racist, you don’t care about “equity” or diversity. Arguing with people that believe in the CRT ideology is like trying to convince your dog that he does not have to pee on every tree or bush
  • Take Action: Essentially what this means is after you’ve done your recon work, organized and have found blatant examples of illegal discrimination or Constitutional violations, engage with Chris Rufo and his legal coalition


Chris Rufo: On 1/20/21, President Biden rescinded the Trump executive order banning critical race theory training programs from the federal government.

Critical race theory is a grave threat to the American way of life. It divides Americans by race and traffics in the pernicious concepts of race essentialism, racial stereotyping, and race-based segregation—all under a false pursuit of “social justice.” Critical race theory training programs have become commonplace in academia, government, and corporate life, where they have sought to advance the ideology through cult-like indoctrination, intimidation, and harassment.
It is time to fight back. Last year, I declared a “one-man war” against critical race theory, which led to the presidential order banning these trainings from the federal government. Today, I am announcing a new coalition of law firms and legal foundations with the explicit goal of fighting critical race theory in the courts. This coalition, called Stop Critical Race Theory, has already filed three lawsuits against public institutions conducting critical race theory programs and, in the coming months, will file additional lawsuits in the state and federal courts.
Our ambition is to take one of these cases to the United States Supreme Court and establish that critical race theory-based programs—which perpetuate racial stereotypes, compel discriminatory speech, and create hostile working environments—violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the United States Constitution. When we are victorious in the courts, it will have an immediate ripple effect through every school, government agency, and private employer in the nation. We will effectively abolish critical race theory programs from American life.
Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty is leading the Stop Critical Race Theory coalition, in partnership with the Southeastern Legal Foundation, Upper Midwest Law Center, Jonathan O’Brien with Schoolhouserights.org, The Pivtorak Law Firm, Wally Zimolong of Zimolong, LLC, and Eric Early and Peter Scott of Early, Sullivan, Wright, Gizer, & McCrae.
The conservative legal movement and a network of private attorneys are gearing up for war against critical race theory. We will fight and we will win.

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