Hooray!! LCPS, NAACP & MSAAC Seek Nominees for Equity Committee!! Ooops, Does Not Apply to Whites or “Honary/Adjunct Whites”

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If Racism/Equity Requires Institutional Power/Racism, as is the Claim, Then Whites and “Honorary/Adjunct Whites” Can’t be Racist

LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC are looking to expand their equity storm trooper force. LCPS just released notification requesting nominees to expand their Equity Committee. Specifically, they are looking for Hindu’s, LatinX and LGBTQRST people. I find it astonishing that an organization that is so focused on “anti-racism” and “equality” continues to use racial slurs like LatinX. These dummies could careless that 98% of the Hispanic/Latin community finds “LatinX” to be offensive and racist. Notice how they have not included a request for people from the ‘White or Honorary/Adjunct White Communities”? Seems to be inline with their ridiculous “Student Equity Ambassador Program”, where whites and “honorary/adjunct whites” are also not allowed.

Here’s the million dollar question………LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC have gone on and on about how racist Loudoun County was, infested with White Supremacists. If this were true, why haven’t these white supremacist factions in Loudoun risen up, marched, protested, and made their overall presence known? Not a peep. It’s also ironic that these fools constantly cite institutional racism, when they’re the ones running the vast majority of the organizations, LCPS for example. There’s (2) pro black groups running the LCPS show, with a feckless school board, that is the very definition of “Institutional Racism. In essence, they’re correct EXCEPT these woke fools, all of them no matter their flavor are the institutional racists.

Now, don’t worry if you’re not a Hindu, “LatinX” or LBGTQRST, you can still shoot for one of these Equity Committee roles. Don’t worry if you’re white or an honorary/adjunct white, these morons created the rules so you can Self Identify as a Hindu, “LatinX” or LBGTQRST, hell self identify as all (3) and increase your odds!


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