Monthly Archives: January 2021

Breaking… Another CRT Lawsuit, Yes!! St. Louis, MO. Equity my Butt!

BREAKING: Parents file lawsuit against Villa Duchesne High School in St. Louis, MO for “intentional racial discrimination” against white students, and using “coercion, intimidation, and threats” to indoctrinate students into Critical Race Theory. Outstanding! We have more Critical Race Theory (CRT) lawsuits! This time from St. Louis, MO. The full lawsuit complaint is below and directly below are some of

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Hooray!! LCPS, NAACP & MSAAC Seek Nominees for Equity Committee!! Ooops, Does Not Apply to Whites or “Honary/Adjunct Whites”

If Racism/Equity Requires Institutional Power/Racism, as is the Claim, Then Whites and “Honorary/Adjunct Whites” Can’t be Racist LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC are looking to expand their equity storm trooper force. LCPS just released notification requesting nominees to expand their Equity Committee. Specifically, they are looking for Hindu’s, LatinX and LGBTQRST people. I find it astonishing that an organization that is

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