Education Elements: Educator Crisis Resources When “White Supremacists Overthrow a Government”

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Bad Enough America is Going Through Tumultuous Times, These Bastards Seize the Moment to Target White People and Include Social Justice

Education Elements is a BIG and expensive “educational” partner with LCPS and many other school systems around the country. They were kind enough to send this information out to parents and teachers tonight. There was a women shot and killed today at the Capitol and her loved were just recently notified and Education Elements believes it’s the perfect time to peddle their racist, social justice, and anti-white garbage, which is certain to trickle down to LCPS students. My God, one of their “Resources/Lesson Plans” for teachers to provide to students is about “When White Supremacists Overthrew a Government”. There is soooo much going on that not ONE person knows all the facts and for Education Elements to push this propaganda garbage is unimaginable, but I’m not surprised.

I’m getting older so perhaps my memory isn’t so good. I recall Progressives “storming” the Capitol during the Brett Kavanaugh SCOUTS Senate hearings and not a peep. No mention about the Kool-Aid colored hair people, that haven’t showered in weeks, that are jobless, and genderless. What about Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Didn’t these two Marxist groups loot, pillage, cause violence, issued threats and set cities ablaze across the country? Where’s our help group or lesson plans for this? Non-existent, their actions were “justified”. God help our country and our kids education.

Parents, please do NOT allow this critical race theory/equity narrative to brainwash our kids. My God, what will it take for people in droves to get angry about this? We need you and your support, please.

Resources for School Communities in Times of Crisis

We are saddened and concerned by the recent events at the Capitol. And, we know that many educators have to carry the additional responsibility of having to address these events immediately with your students, with your colleagues, and are looking for ways to process these events yourselves. 

Below is a collection of resources we hope will help you today and in the days to come. We will continue to add resources to this document. Last updated: 01/06/2021. You are welcome to share this document

If you would like to add additional resources, please contact us via

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