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Education Elements: Educator Crisis Resources When “White Supremacists Overthrow a Government”

Bad Enough America is Going Through Tumultuous Times, These Bastards Seize the Moment to Target White People and Include Social Justice Education Elements is a BIG and expensive “educational” partner with LCPS and many other school systems around the country. They were kind enough to send this information out to parents and teachers tonight. There was a women shot and

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LCPS Student “Equity Training” End Around Opt-Out Option

Shhhhh. LCPS Doesn’t Want Parents to Know That They Can “Opt-Out” Their Students from This Racist, Offensive and Ass-Backwards “Equity Training” Many of of you might be saying “whewwww” as this is probably my shortest post and one of maybe three “positive” posts. Thanks to our stealthy parent foot soldiers, it was brought to P.A.C.T.’s attention today that parents can

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