Update: “Teacher” of the Year, Rodney Robinson, Keynote Speaker for LCPS Teachers/Staff is a Fraudulent Racist

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On 10/26/2020, the 2019 “Teacher” of the year, Rodney Robinson, was a Keynote speaker for all LCPS teachers. When I watched the keynote video, I was really hoping to NOT hear any sermons about equity, anti-racism, privilege, and the rest of the usual CRT garbage. My hopes were dashed when Robinson said “Everything I do is Viewed Through a Lens of Equity”, but I cannot say I was surprised. School used to be about education, now it’s all about how “equity” can be crammed into every classroom.

Fast forward to today, 12/30/2020, and what do you know, Robinson, “Teacher” of the Year decided to Tweet a few things that I would expect from Black Lives Matter, the NAACP or Maxine Waters not a “Teacher” of the Year. Below are the Tweets Robinson was kind enough to share with us today and a few observations:

  1. Red Box #1: Maybe it’s me but I would be asking for the BEST oral surgeon in network, you know based on ability and experience. Not this guy, he needs a black oral surgeon not the best. For some reason, he wonders why people looked confused when he asked the front dental office for black surgeons only, and he’s the “Teacher” of the Year?
  2. Red Box #2: Openly asking for Mitch McConnell’s neighbors to step up and beat him like Rand Paul’s neighbor did to him, saying he was a hero for doing so, and he’s the “Teacher” of the Year?
  3. Red Box #3: Any LCPS teacher or administrator that has their “students tune in” to listen to anything this fraudulent “Teacher” of the Year has to say should be fired.

The real shame here is Robinson was crowned “Teacher” of the Year, which is not an easy thing to accomplish and so many positive things could have be done being “Teacher” of the Year, but he chose racist rhetoric, good move. Robinson described his reaction to winning the national award as humbling and noted: “as a black male educator, we’re put in this box where we’re told to only coach, only deal with difficult kids, only do discipline, and we fight to try to escape that box, and now here I was being chosen to represent all teachers and students in America. It was validating”. What’s sad is Robinson claims to represent all teachers and students in America. Not a chance in hell buddy, you made your bias and racist attributes quite clear, and I feel for any white students in your class.

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