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Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson: ANTI-RACIST EDUCATION BEGINS WITH HONESTY & Rejecting Those That Are “Anti-Racists”

ANTI-RACIST EDUCATION BEGINS WITH HONESTY: “white folks like something too much, they will come take it from you.” What are the standards to be “Teacher of the Year”? I’m sure it is not an easy thing to accomplish, then again, it’s 2020 the year of the real racists, CRT supporters and the “Equity Army” and anyone else that feels the

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Update: “Teacher” of the Year, Rodney Robinson, Keynote Speaker for LCPS Teachers/Staff is a Fraudulent Racist

On 10/26/2020, the 2019 “Teacher” of the year, Rodney Robinson, was a Keynote speaker for all LCPS teachers. When I watched the keynote video, I was really hoping to NOT hear any sermons about equity, anti-racism, privilege, and the rest of the usual CRT garbage. My hopes were dashed when Robinson said “Everything I do is Viewed Through a Lens

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It’s critical for People to understand WHAT Critical Race Theory really is

This Short 1:52 Video From the Heritage Foundation Does a Great Job of Providing a Quick and Accurate Understanding of CRT. They Also Published an Extensive Report Earlier in December.

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