Why Do LCPS Schools Continue to Lie About Implementing Critical Race Theory? They Have Been Given Marching Orders From The LCPS Admin

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Today is December 22, 2020 and the LCPS School Board, LCPS School Principals & Teachers Continue to Lie About Implementing the Critical Race Theory Framework. Why?

Today, a parent contacted me to tell me her kids principal rejected the notation and said that “Critical Race Theory was implemented at his school”. The parent that shared this with me today did not give me permission to identify the school or the principal, but I do know with 100% certainty that he flat-out lied to her, as he and I have corresponded over the past few months with issues related to this very topic. A school cannot have a “Student Equity Ambassador” program if they aren’t following along with the LCPS “Comprehensive Equity” mandate.

So why then are LCPS Principals, Teachers, School Board, Superintendent and Chief Information Officer lying to parents? If Critical Race Theory (CRT) is so wonderful, then why are they lying about it? These educators have been trained to stay away from using the dreaded “CRT” phrase because it has received some very unpopular and unfavorable attention. Instead, they use terms/phrases like “Comprehensive Equity” because they are trying to distance themselves from any negative attention with ideologies that have the word “race” smack dab in the middle of its name. Using words like “equity”, “diversity”, “inclusion” are disarming and soft words for CRT, it’s that simple. It’s a ruse, nothing more and nothing less. If a theory or an ideology is as great as they tell us, why hide it? Why use flowery terms to mask what they’re really doing? Because they are frauds destroying education and society in the name of Social Justice.

For months, P.A.C.T. has been saying that the Loudoun NAACP chapter is an adjunct arm of the LCPS Board, telling them what to do and how to do it, along with MSAAC. Not sure how I missed this but here’s a link to an interview conducted last year (10/9/19):

Racism and Bias: Loudoun County Public Schools Struggle With Equity

The interviewees were:

  • Lottie Spurlock, Director of Equity, Loudoun County Public Schools; @LottieSpurlock
  • Graig Meyer, Partner, The Equity Collaborative; @EquityCollab
  • Michelle Thomas, President, NAACP Loudoun Branch Executive Committee; @NAACP_Loudoun

The interview is about the results of LCPS’s “Equity Assessment” that was conducted by The Equity Collaborative. There’s no representation from Eric Williams or any LCPS School Board members, just the heads of the Equity Gang, Lottie and Michelle.

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