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Why Do LCPS Schools Continue to Lie About Implementing Critical Race Theory? They Have Been Given Marching Orders From The LCPS Admin

Today is December 22, 2020 and the LCPS School Board, LCPS School Principals & Teachers Continue to Lie About Implementing the Critical Race Theory Framework. Why? Today, a parent contacted me to tell me her kids principal rejected the notation and said that “Critical Race Theory was implemented at his school”. The parent that shared this with me today did

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LCPS: Loudoun Valley HS Teachers Being Brainwashed by Equity Leads and Equity Literacy Material, “Equity Detours”

“Equity Detours” are Detours White People Follow to Protect Their Privilege and Avoid the Messy Work of Racial Justice, These Initiatives and Strategies¬†Are “Equity Detours“. Direct Confrontation Principle Redistribution Principle Prioritization Principle Equity Ideology Principle #FixInjusticeNotKids Principle Below is the actual reading assignment that LVHS “Equity Leads” Ella Hopson and Violet Dube assigned to all LVHS teachers, “Focus on the

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