LCPS Board and The Equity Gang Using and Pushing Racist Narrative Towards Latin-Hispanic Students and Community

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Woke Warriors Continue to Redefine & Relabel Ethnic Groups So That They Fit Their Narrative and Agenda

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is mostly known for pushing the offensive and ridiculous narrative that EVERY aspect of America is systemically racist that is controlled by white supremacists. Even going so far to insist that ALL white people are racist from the very moment they are born. Unless I missed an announcement from the scientific and medical world, I’m unaware of a blood test for newborns that can determine if they are in fact the next Hitler in the making. This is all crap.

The people who push CRT have not only aimed their sights on white people, but they’ve also included Latins/Hispanics in their push for “Equity” and the rest of the nonsense associated with CRT. As far as I’ve ever known, the Latin culture is very binary, Latina’s vs Latino’s for example. Perhaps, the Latin people understand that there are only TWO genders: male and female. Then they move to America and discover that the Woketards in America have somehow created (112) different genders. Without any discussion, American Woketards decided to redefine the Latin culture and do away with “Latino and Latina” and replace it with “LatinX”. The term “LatinX” has been around for a while. First created by the LGBTQRS in early the 2000’s but for some reason their attempt at starting a new trend didn’t take root. “LatinX” is a gender-neutral term (non-binary) term that includes what was “Latino’s and Latina’s” and the Latin LBGTQRS. You should notice that “BlackX”, “WhiteX”, “AsianX” either don’t exist or are hardly used, but don’t worry, it’s coming.

This bring us to the fine educational system of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) that is being run by the NAACP, MSAAC, and the Equity Gang, and not the LCPS School Board like one would think. These morons believe that they are the experts of all things involving “Equity” and fighting “Anti-Racism”. They will tell you that they are pushing CRT and Equity for all POC’s but is this true? Nope. How can LCPS, NAACP, MSAAC and the Equity Gang claim that they are trying to fight “Anti-Racism” when they are pushing to refer to Asians as “Honorary/Adjunct Whites” AND constantly referring to Latins/Hispanics as “LatinX”. “LatinX” IS considered a racial slur much like racial slurs black people and others don’t like. Why is this ok? Did LCPS, NAACP, MSAAC or the Equity Gang include any Latin/Hispanic representatives when they were rewriting our educational system? After all, 98% of Latins/Hispanics believe “LatinX” is a racist and derogatory term. So now LCPS, NAACP, MSAAC and the Equity Gang know all about the Latin/Hispanic community? I call BS. These all knowing groups are nothing but race hustlers and are taking full advantage of the Latin/Hispanic community and telling them they know what’s best.

Latin/Hispanic Students, Parents, and The Entire Latin/Hispanic Community, Rise Up, Take a Stand and Tell LCPS, NAACP, MSAAC and The Equity Gang NO, Do NOT Refer to Us As “LatinX”. Don’t Let Them Lessen Your Culture

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