Monthly Archives: December 2020

Are You Getting More Annoyed & Angry With LCPS, NAACP, MSAAC and The Equity Gang and Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Protect Your Kid, Let Them Know

See Something, Say Something Is What They Tell Us…Right? This radical guy is now the HMFIC at helm of the S.S. LCPS Equity

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LCPS Board and The Equity Gang Using and Pushing Racist Narrative Towards Latin-Hispanic Students and Community

Woke Warriors Continue to Redefine & Relabel Ethnic Groups So That They Fit Their Narrative and Agenda Critical Race Theory (CRT) is mostly known for pushing the offensive and ridiculous narrative that EVERY aspect of America is systemically racist that is controlled by white supremacists. Even going so far to insist that ALL white people are racist from the very

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