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LCPS, MSAAC Push Racism and Anti-Blackness in Asian (“Honorary Whites”) Communities Narrative

Donate to the P.A.C.T. GoFundMe Campaign So We Can Begin an Ad Blitz Exposing This Hateful and Destructive Narrative LCPS, MSAAC & VA Education Full-Court Press For Asians To Be Referred To As “Honorary Whites” How can you tell that the “Equity Movement” and Critical Race Theory are based on absolute BS beliefs? Well, there are many ways, BUT these

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LCPS “Equity” Partner, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Uses Its “Teaching Tolerance” Program to “Weaponize Whiteness” In Schools

LCPS “EQUITY” PARTNER, SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER (SPLC), USES ITS “TEACHING TOLERANCE” PROGRAM TO “WEAPONIZE WHITENESS” IN SCHOOLS Schools across America are “weaponizing whiteness,” according to the scandal-plagued Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). To combat this alleged problem, teachers must let children run classrooms while indoctrinating them into hating the very foundations of the United States and viewing everything through

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