Ian Serotkin: LCPS School Board Member, Liar, CRT Advocate and Recipient of George Soros Money for 2019 Election Campaign

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LCPS School Board and Administration Are Riddled With Liars and Deceptive People, Some Even Have a “Dr.” in Front of Their Name

Loudoun County Public Schools (administration) has become ground zero for radical, BLM empathizers that believe the whole CRT/Equity “Movement” is meaningful and will change the world. Putting a “Dr.” in front of your name doesn’t make you the smartest person in the room nor does it suggest having any common sense. We finally get rid of Dr. Eric “Equity Man” Williams, but then he’s replaced by “Dr.” “No Free Speech for You!” Ziegler. These two idiots alone give “Dr.” a bad rap. Add to this that the racist, hateful gang known as the NAACP is calling the shots in LCPS along with MSAAC. Ideally, the LCPS School Board should be “in-charge” but they have proven time and again, to be one-sided useless idiots that have used COVID as a smokescreen to push this CRT/Equity non-sense. The don’t care what their constituents think and that also has been proven time and again. Right now, each of the (9) board members are being played by select LCPS teachers and the NAACP and either they don’t care or they have no backbone to confront the issue. I guess the fear of being called a “racist” keeps them in line with the NAACP and MSAAC

So Ian Serotkin. What happened to this guy? Is he a sell-out? He said some pretty good things in the early part of his campaign (May 2019), and then he gets elected and BAM, does a 180 and votes for everything equity related under the sun. So what happened between May 2019 and when he was elected? Well, he received $1,400 from the Tides Advocacy (see document below), which is directly related to the Tides Foundation AND the Tides Foundation is heavily funded by that radical nut, George Soros. For some perspective, the Tides family of “non-profit” orgs support and fund radical leftist movements and groups such as Antifa and BLM. In fact, July 2020, the Tides Foundation became the official fiscal sponsor of the Black Lives Matter Global Network project. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that Ian changed his position and his beliefs on AOL and Thomas Jefferson HS or maybe Soros got his first LCPS stooge. Don’t forget that Ian lied to the Loudoun Times Mirror and his constituents about LCPS’s Equity Partner, Teaching Tolerance being a Southern Poverty Law Center project, which is also heavily funded by, you guessed it George Soros.

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