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Ian Serotkin: LCPS School Board Member, Liar, CRT Advocate and Recipient of George Soros Money for 2019 Election Campaign

LCPS School Board and Administration Are Riddled With Liars and Deceptive People, Some Even Have a “Dr.” in Front of Their Name Loudoun County Public Schools (administration) has become ground zero for radical, BLM empathizers that believe the whole CRT/Equity “Movement” is meaningful and will change the world. Putting a “Dr.” in front of your name doesn’t make you the

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White Students Secretly Disguised As Asian Students? Washington State School District reclassified Asians As whites Because of Good Grades

Asian Student Skewed “People of Color” Equity Data, Grades Were Too Good to be Considered POC How many more stories like this need to surface before people begin to see and understand that this “Equity” movement, aka Critical Race Theory, is racist, discriminatory and really, really, really dumb. “The Asians are screwing up our equity victim stats, quick make them

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