LCPS Teacher Andrea Weiskopf: Is She aN Angry Black Women Trapped Inside a White Womens Body OR A Black Lives Matter Throw Away?

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Andrea Weiskopf was the star in a P.A.C.T. post last month. This dreamsicle is an active member of the NAACP that is and LCPS teacher (River Bend & Seneca Ridge Middle School) that is actively working to manipulate LCPS Board member Harris Mahedvi to support NAACP initiatives. Yup, she said ““Harris is usually down with whatever the plan is.  He needs a lot of handholding, he’s very new and very naive and can be easily swayed with misinformation.  I think Harris would be amenable to anyone who says they are working with the NAACP”. Personally, I find her actions unethical, racist, sneaky and unjust. She is helping to push the NAACP’s radical beliefs further into our educational system. I’m sorry, but what gives this sorry mess the right to subvert the LCPS educational system to further a radical black agenda and CRT? Who benefits, the other 93% of the students? It is these wannabe social justice warrior teachers that flunked out of BLM High that feel entitled to toss all students aside because she’s down for the cause. Andrea Weiskopf is a disgrace and sadly, I know she’s not the only one, just the stupid one that openly espouses her garbage (see some examples below). Just a reminder, this lady is an LCPS teacher

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  1. I want say that the biggest victims of CRT are not the 93% but the 7%. The actions and the secret goal of white libraries is to destroy the black community and be their masters forever.

  2. Insanity with an education degree indoctrinating children in middle school. Loudoun County: you have a big problem. People such as Ms. Weiskopf deserve to be fired for not teaching.

  3. What part of “the most dangerous person to the civil rights plight is a white LIBERAL” did she not get? Especially since she “thinks” she knows Malcolm X so well. But then again she presumes to think what blacks have gone through & ignores all achievements PERIOD! Thomas Sowell describes her ilk masterfully in one sentence- the BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS! Ppl like her should NOT BE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN! NO WONDER THEY’RE SO DUMBED DOWN!! Thank God I made sure my children were taught – critical thinking skills, how to be informed w/FACTS, not feelings, bias or ideology, including reason & logic. Basically I wanted them to learn HOW to think NOT WHAT to think! It’s a shame they pick anyone to be a “teacher” these days. She’s not a REAL “teacher” she’s an indoctrinater!

  4. There is something seriously wrong with a woman that sees nothing but race and gender when she looks at a person.. I’d pull my kid from her school, so glad I’m not in Virginia anymore.

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