LCPS School Board unanimously selected “Dr.” Scott A. Ziegler as the Interim Superintendent for LCPS…..Just Another Radical Social Justice Warrior

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This Guy is the Architect of That LCPS Proposal That Would Have Punished LCPS Staff if They Dared to Criticize LCPS’s Critical Race Theory Initiative…..In School or Out of School!!

If “Equity Man” Eric Williams wasn’t bad enough, the LCPS School Board “unanimously” chose this guy “Dr.” Scott Ziegler as the interim Superintendent. Why is this bad? Ziegler was/is the Ass. Superintendent of Human Resources and Talent Development and the very same radical social justice warrior that crafted that proposal earlier in the school year titled “Professional Conduct”, a revised version. In the “revised” version, employees of LCPS would not be allowed to criticize the school district’s “commitment to action-oriented equity practices” in all forms of public and personal communication.

The revised proposal stated that: “Employees are expected to support the school division’s commitment to action-oriented equity practices through the performance of their job duties, as the Division engages in the disruption and dismantling of white supremacy, systemic racism, and language and actions motivated by race, religion, country of origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or ability,”. Ziegler acknowledged that employees have a First Amendment right to engage in protected speech, but went on to say “that right “may be outweighed” by the school district’s interest in “promoting internal, and external community harmony and peace as well as class equity, racial equity, and the goal to root out systemic racism.”

Does this piss you off?? If so, don’t be shy, let your elected LCPS School Board Rep know how you feel:


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  1. I have basic questions. Who can I talk to? A sample question is are their venues where we can listen to board members speak? Where can we find out how board members voted on different issues – i.e. Tanner Cross’s suspension.


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