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Fox News: Virginia county spends nearly $500G on race programs for schools (Loudoun County Public Schools)

FOX NEWS: VIRGINIA COUNTY SPENDS NEARLY $500G ON RACE PROGRAMS FOR SCHOOLS (LCPS) By Sam Dorman | Fox News | December 14, 2020 A public school system in Virginia is spending at least half-a-million dollars on programs designed to counter systemic bias and oppression, the latest of many controversial initiatives connected to critical race theory. West Nova News reported on Friday that Loudoun County Public Schools was

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Critical Race Theory Just Locked Down Another Contract in Virginia Public Schools (Loudoun County Public Schools)

CRITICAL RACE THEORY JUST LOCKED DOWN ANOTHER CONTRACT IN VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS (LOUDOUN COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS) “Social justice consultants” and proponents of critical race theory, which teaches children to judge each other based on their skin color, just locked down a major contract in one of Virginia’s largest school districts. “Loudoun County Public Schools has entered into a new agreement

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