Monthly Archives: December 2020

Loudoun County Board Julie Briskman: “distribute COVID-19 vaccine In a Fair and equitable manner,”

COVID is Racist and Equity Will be the County’s Guide on Distributing the Vaccine. Whites in the Back of the Vaccine Line How in good conscious can anyone play God and decide black and brown people deserve the COVID vaccine first? They can’t, they’re all dirtbags. The experts “believe” the black and brown communities have been hit hardest, systemic racism.

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LCPS “Equity Committee” Instructs LCPS School Board to Review Improper Use Of Pronouns to Thwart Bullying

Where Do We Live? “Significant Discussion Around the Improper Use of Pronouns” People don’t have to like me or what I post. There’s not a thing you can say that will sway me from posting facts about what LCPS is doing OR not doing. Not my facts, but LCPS’s. COVID lockdown has had everyone so beside themselves and only focused

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