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Wall Street Journal Opinion: A Progressive Assault on Selective High Schools: LCPS and FCPS

WALL STREET JOURNAL OPINION: A PROGRESSIVE ASSAULT ON SELECTIVE HIGH SCHOOLS: LCPS AND FCPS **Because the WSJ charges an annual fee to read their articles, using a source that republished the WSJ opinion article** Virginia Lawyer General Mark Herring has fired the most recent salvo in America’s assault on meritocracy: … a 61-page opinion holding that the suburban Loudoun County

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Virginia Legislators Hear Lies, Smears and Key Omissions in Critical Race Theory-Based Attacks on Schools

VIRGINIA LEGISLATORS HEAR LIES, SMEARS AND KEY OMISSIONS IN CRITICAL RACE THEORY-BASED ATTACKS ON SCHOOLS Posted on November 25, 2020 by sherlockj |  by James C. Sherlock I just spent a great deal of time reviewing two Zoom seminars for Virginia legislators on the education committees of the General Assembly planning 2021 legislation.   The briefings they got in preparation for the upcoming session were

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