LCPS Board Member Beth Barts Is Reprimanded and Then Dismisses Mother With Concerns About Racism Against White Students

Beth Barts is quite the Board Member. On 11/18/2020 she was reprimanded by the LCPS School Board for publicly disclosing “confidential, attorney-client-privileged information” (see story below). What was the subject matter? Anyones guess, but if LCPS has teachers and staff currently colluding with the NAACP……Just saying, I have no proof, if I did, it would have been included.

Today, Beth Barts was so incredibly dismissive and rude to a parent who was simply bringing a concern to the boards attention about racism being directed at white students. Apparently there’s no such thing or not as far as the board is concerned. Beth Barts replied: “I have noting to say to all of this other than I fully support our efforts to end systemic racism and teaching tolerance and inclusion. I really hope homeschooling continues to go well for you.” What this moron is saying is too bad, so sad just homeschool.

Beth Barts is all on this CRT garbage. She’s down for the cause, so much so, that she feels white students should just be homeschooled if they feel racially slighted. I wonder if Beth Barts would have the same level of passion and support if she knew the NAACP and several LCPS teachers were actively investigating her to get her off the board. According to the NAACP/LCPS teacher/staff meeting, Beth Barts is a radical feminist but this is not enough for them. Too bad Beth has no idea what the future may hold, perhaps she can ask these teachers. Keep up the great civil work Beth, you sense of compassion is incredible. I encourage anyone with less than flattering experiences with Beth Barts to send them to P.A.C.T. and we will make sure the broader community gets to know her real well.

Not Parent Sent to LCPS Board that Beth Barts felt compelled to respond to
Response from Beth Barts

Barts reprimanded from School Board for disclosing confidential info

After a nearly two-hour closed session during its special Tuesday night meeting, the Loudoun County School Board voted to issue an official reprimand to board member Beth Barts (Leesburg District).

Per Chairwoman Brenda Sheridan (Sterling District), the reprimand involves Barts’s alleged “unauthorized disclosure of confidential, attorney-client-privileged information” from a prior closed session, the specific parameters of which remain unclear.

“Based on the evidence, the board finds that the confidential, attorney-client information from closed session was disclosed recently by Ms. Barts without authorization regarding social media,” Sheridan said after Tuesday’s closed session adjourned.

The chairwoman added Barts’ alleged actions violate Loudoun County Public Schools Policy 1030, which states board members are to “respect the stated purpose for, and maintain the confidentiality of, discussions that are held pursuant to the Code of Virginia as closed meetings or executive sessions.”

It was not immediately clear what social media communication got Barts in hot water.

The board voted 6-2-1 to issue the reprimand, with Denise Corbo (At-Large) and John Beatty (Catoctin District) opposed, and with Barts herself absent from both the closed session and the vote.

According to School Board Attorney Stephen DeVita, Barts asked Sheridan to proceed with the closed session without her, after which DeVita emailed Barts and asked for her participation.

“[I] notified her that she had an opportunity to respond, and specifically asked her if she was waiving her opportunity to respond,” he said. “She indicated, ‘Yes, that’s correct.’”

However, Barts took to Facebook directly after the closed session to address the action against her, which she clarified is “an official rebuke” and does not impact her voting privileges or status as an elected official.

“I accept the reprimand [the board] issued to me while I remain committed to continuing to be transparent and open on social media when [it] comes to the greater good and safety of our community including all staff and students,” she wrote.

Tuesday’s meeting, according to the LCPS online calendar, was originally intended to comprise a work session regarding elementary school attendance zones.

Per Barts’s Facebook activity, the closed session was not added to the agenda until less than 24 hours before the meeting, to which school staff also added a last-minute “New Business” item discussing potential public health metrics that would trigger a return to full distance learning.

Barts has yet to respond to the Times-Mirror’s request for comment.


  • I am that homeschooling parent. The problem with Ms. Barts’ response is that not all families can homeschool all the time. It’s highly-variable, depending on family situations and state law. It’s a similar deal with private school, although then, you tend to have the dynamic of high costs as well, since we don’t have access to school vouchers. Either way, it’s a family sacrifice – an extra burden, even as we homeschooling / private schooling families pay the same taxes as everyone else.

    Frankly, Ms. Barts’ response to me sends a strong message that Virginia should make charter schools and school vouchers legal, so that when families run into problems with one school, they can have access to other schooling options.

    I wrote to the School Board because I don’t believe that white students or staff – or Conservative ones – or others who don’t believe in anti-racism as a ideology – should be mistreated by the proponents of the racial-political ideology of anti-racism.

    To be blunt, it conflicts with Christianity. The reason for this is because that anti-racism relies on viewing whites as inferior, except on the condition that they adopt “anti-racist white identity”, which means that a white person must change their identity and devote themselves to a life of anti-racist actions in order to be accepted in society. As best I understand it so far, a white person is judged by the subjective standards of anti-racists. People of other races do not appear to be subjected to this.

    The way that the ideology conflicts with Christianity is that it is a works-based identity. It is not at all based on faith in Christ alone. So, in that sense, anti-racism is incompatible with Christianity.

    Beyond this is also the issue of negative judgment imposed on white people simply for being white. This is wrong. White children – and adults like me – didn’t ask to be born white. Our being white isn’t our fault, and I believe that God loves and accepts us as we are.

    Interestingly, if LCPS becomes insistent on promoting “anti-racist white identity”, that may make for very strong grounds for homeschooling under the religious exemption for Christians who take issue with this. On the flipside, for kids who can handle it, it would be a great reason to stay in public school – for Evangelism. But I think that that would be asking a lot of a kid. A family could also split the difference, in choosing the religious exemption route, but remaining active in the community, thereby providing an avenue for Evangelism. This third option would have the bonus of public school authorities having no authority to discipline a student for Evangelism, while granting the family more leeway for working together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    So, perhaps Ms. Barts’ response to me will inadvertently end up leading to greater blessing and freedom for a number of Loudoun families. If it does, then praise God! = D

  • You should stick to home school.

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