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LCPS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Loudoun Sheriff And Leesburg Police Department and Of Course, The NAACP

Why must the NAACP be involved in EVERY aspect of LCPS? Answer: Power and a radical ideology that paints all minorities as victims and whites as racists Why are they being allowed to issue demands and decrees that impact 93% (80,000) of LCPS students and roughly 10,000 teachers? Answer: Power and they use skin color as their weapon of choice.

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2/2/19: LOUDOUN NAACP “GOVERNOR NORTHAM SHOULD RESIGN”….(6) Months Later 8/24/19: LOUDOUN NAACP PRESIDENT MICHELLE THOMAS Appointed to Commission on African American History Education GOVERNOR NORTHAM

8/24/19 Michelle Thomas, President, NAACP-Loudoun: Northam Names Thomas to Commission on African American History Education 6/6/19 Michelle Thomas, President, NAACP-Loudoun: “If it’s not you, then who? And if he doesn’t want to disclose that, there is no moving forward. You can’t move forward on a lie. You’ve gotta tell the truth about it.” 2/2/19 Michelle Thomas, President, NAACP-Loudoun: “The NAACP

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