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Virginia Attorney General Herring, Helps NAACP Hijack LCPS With Bogus Claims. Read The Final Determination Yourself

NAACP “Summary of Evidence” is a Joke. Since When Does “Alleges” Count as Proof of Evidence? ***P.A.C.T. will continue to go through this laughable document and post notable observations*** NAACP’s very first “Position Statement” in their complaint is absurd and makes absolutely no sense. Why? Well, AOL opened its doors for the very first time in the fall of 2018

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NAACP Will Now Be Part of LCPS: Virginia AG office finds reasonable cause of discrimination within LCPS. Racist NAACP Will Now Influence Education.

NAACP Is Now Positioned To Be a “Stakeholder” at the LCPS Table. This Racist Organization Will Have Influence Over Our Kids Education. Will There Be Outrage From the Community? Parents, students and citizens of Loudoun County, P.A.C.T. has been warning the community about the NAACP infiltrating LCPS with the insidious goal of being a primary stakeholder and riding “shotgun” alongside

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