What is wrong with some of our LCPS teachers??

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First off, I would like to thank the citizens of Loudoun County and a select few from the NAACP for providing P.A.C.T. with information/material to help us all understand what is actually going on behind the scenes at LCPS that only a few are aware of. Without you, we wouldn’t know half of what is going on, so thank you and your neighbors, friends, family and fellow teachers thank you as well! Keep the information coming, our kids need someone to help look after them since LCPS is not.

The top section is about possible collusion with at least (3) LCPS teachers/staff with the NAACP and the bottom section is about a reading assignment given to teachers at Loudoun Valley HS and the book was written by Ibram Kendi.

What the heck is going on the LCPS??? Everyone already knows about their “Comprehensive Equity Plan” aka Critical Race Theory (CRT) initiative that all board members voted in favor of. However, I’m not so sure that people were aware that at least (3) LCPS teachers appear to be colluding with the NAACP? Colluding you say? That’s really a strong claim, yes it is, however, we must deal with the facts and nothing but the facts. It appears that the (3) teachers/staff below had a pow-wow with the NAACP Educational Committee on 11/2/2020 and below the video is the agenda, and this was a public meeting. After I received and watched the video a few times, I was stunned by what I heard these teachers/staff say. They are building a profile on each board member:  allies, troublemakers, who can be easily influenced and how, how they vote, who’s on the NAACP’s side, etc. There are (3) notable examples that I was bothered by (see under examples below, which can also be heard in the video) that pertain to Leslie King (this was probably the worst one), Harris Mahedavi and Ian Serotkin. I absolutely do not agree with what the NAACP is trying to do here BUT they also did not need to twist anyone’s arm to get volunteers.

  • Name: Andrea Weiskopf, River Bend & Seneca Ridge Middle School (foreign language teacher)
  • Name: Sheryl Gusman, Dominion HS (social science)
  • Name: Jeniffer Crane, School and position is Unknown

Examples (also in the video)”

  • Example #1 Leslie King was called out by Sheryl Gusman and she said: “She is easily confused and easily loses where they are during board discussions.  She has a heart for SPED kids.”  Then Jeniffer Crane said “Maybe she just needs someone to hold her hand and guide her in the right direction.  I can frame most racial issues on a disability rights framework and speak to her that way”.
  • Example #2 Jeff Morse was called out by Sheryl Gusman and she said:  They intend to target Jeff by using an NAACP representative that is assigned to Ian Serotkin.  This representative would be an influencer to Ian but would also be positioned to work against or subvert Jeff, again by influence
  • Example #3 Harris Mahedavi was called out by Andrea Weiskopf and she said: “Harris is usually down with whatever the plan is.  He needs a lot of handholding, he’s very new and very naive and can be easily swayed with misinformation.  I think Harris would be amenable to anyone who says they are working with the NAACP”

Why in the world would Penny Hagerty, a (30) teacher be assigning teachers a book to read for their book club that was written by Ibram Kendi? This has to be a joke right? Penny is a Literacy Specialist and that makes her reading assignment of Kendi’s book really an oxymoron.

Help and Share The Message!

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