Some LCPS Teachers/Staff Helping to Advance NAACP “Terms of Conciliation” Even Though the Virginia Attorney Has Not Concluded Investigation Into LCPS

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NAACP is eager to take over LCPS and are working with LCPS staff to do so

In 2019, the NAACP filed a complaint against LCPS with the Virginia Attorney Generals office. In October 2019, apparently the AG felt there was enough information to justify a formal investigation into LCPS and their perceived discriminatory practices (NAACP Loudoun Branch v. Loudoun County Public Schools, DHR Case No. 19-2652). In an effort to help resolve this complaint in a “friendly” manner, the NAACP created “Proposed Terms of Conciliation” for LCPS. If you’re unfamiliar with what an “overreach” means, read through the NAACP’s “Terms of Conciliation”, they would effectively become a component or branch of LCPS, acting as a stakeholder that would be part of the decision making process that would impact ALL LCPS students.

Anyways, as of 11/2/2020, the Virginia AG had NOT completed their investigation but indicated on 10/30/2020, after a call with AG Herring, that it would be completed within the “next 2.5 weeks”. Ok fine, if the AG has not finalized their report or officially granted the NAACP their Terms of Conciliation wishlist, then why did the NAACP, along with several LCPS teachers/staff start taking action to implement items from the Terms of Conciliation? Is this lawful? Is AG Herring’s office leaking information? I’m not a lawyer but something seems off.

Name: Andrea Weiskopf, River Bend & Seneca Ridge Middle School (foreign language teacher)

Name: Sheryl Gusman, Dominion HS (social science)

Name: Jeniffer Crane, School and position is Unknown

Also see: LCPS teachers/staff (same as above) working with NAACP to target LCPS board members

Terms of Conciliation Items and Actions From 11/2/2020:

  • Revise/Eliminate Elementary Gifted Programs (page 2 of ToC doc)
    • 11/2/2020 Meeting With LCPS Staff: The NAACP wants to get rid of or simplify 3rd grade “high stakes testing”: CogAT and NNAT2.  Privileged students who do well can get into honors and AP classes later in school.  NAACP wants to see all of the data for all kids that take these tests, to review test scores, broken down by race and gender. LCPS teacher Andrea Weiskopf said “If you aren’t on track going into the 6th grade, you can’t get into AOL or TJ.  I can help with this.”
  • Develop an online bias incident reporting system to prevent and address incidents of racial bias and hate (page 3 of ToC doc)
    • 11/2/2020 Meeting With LCPS Staff: NAACP wants a computer/information set up with LCPS so that the NAACP can run disciplinary disparities “queries against any school at any time”.  This is huge in LCPS.  They want it to be known that they (NAACP) are “looking and watching”.
  • Review and revise as necessary, the textbooks and materials used for lesson planning related to the history and experiences of Black/African-American minority groups (page 6 of ToC doc)
    • 11/2/2020 Meeting With LCPS Staff: Agenda items #4, all LCPS teachers/staff said they would help with this effort

11/2/2020 NAACP Education Committee Agenda

NAACP Terms of Conciliation (NAACP Loudoun Branch v. Loudoun County Public Schools, DHR Case No. 19-2652)

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